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Fine dining in Cancun, what not to miss

The Mexican Caribbean is unbeatable when it comes to places to sit back in paradise. With the sunniest weather, bluest water and whitest, fine-grained sand under your feet, you'll find Cancun undeniably alluring.
Food is good too, decades of international tourism has served as a base for small Mexican eateries, seafood street stalls and fine dining restaurants that cater to every palate and every budget.
These are our favorite fine restaurants in the splendid city of Cancun.

Puerto Madero

More than a franchise, a concept replicated in Mexico City and even Miami. Puerto Madero represents fine dining for everyday enjoyment.
Prime cuts are a specialty, grilled in the Argentinian style. Seafood is also something to celebrate. Lobster and American Wagyu show Puerto Madero isn't shy about sourcing the best produce possible.
Sides are served to share creating family style moments without losing a luxurious touch.
A complete wine list and attentive service round out the dining experience.

Du Mexique

Sonya Grimond is the restaurateur behind Du Mexique, an innovating fine dining experience in the heart of Cancun. Chef Benjamín Ferra y Castell makes the most of the best ingredients possible.
Mexican food in modern presentations, French-inspired dishes with a Mexican touch. Food in Du Mexique is all but conventional.
The chef's table, right in the middle of the kitchen is a personal experience that lets you understand the restaurant's philosophy. A good wine selection and a comfortable ambiance make you feel at home.


The Ritz-Carlton Cancun hosts Fantino restaurant. A classic, French-inspired dining hall of vast spaces and tall ceilings. The level of refinement is unique in the city and is reminiscent of centuries-old halls in Paris.
The Mediterranean restaurant offers a la carte service and a tasting menu. Filet mignon with port reduction, foie gras with figs and apples and Caribbean lobster and Caviar are the crown's jewels of a simple, yet complete menu. This restaurant has an old-world spirit, and the service is polished.
Reserved for special occasions and special meetings. There's a small room for private parties.


The internationally acclaimed Chef Martin Berasategui, known for maintaining seven Michelin stars, erected another gastro temple inside Paradisus hotel in Cancun.
The seven-course tasting menu is impeccable. Flavors inspired in Basque cuisine become more and more elaborate in a fine-tuned concert of taste and refinement.
Orchids dress the all-white tables in a modernly decorated room with an old soul. Service is traditional and attentive.

Les Cepages

A French fine dining restaurant in the heart of Cancun. High-quality ingredients, together with classic training makes every dish out of the extensive menu perfection.
Quail, Minted Lamb, and Foie Gras are house specialties. For dessert, Tarte Tatin and creme brulee are hard to miss.
This place is ideal for romantic evenings or special occasions. Wine is well selected, and service is old-school. An authentic French experience to enjoy with your loved ones.