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Five restaurants in Chicago that are on another level

The Windy City; home of the deep-dish pizza, the Chicago style hot dog (no ketchup ever) and 26 Michelin-starred restaurants is living a golden era. Food is merely outstanding; from all the fantastic offer, these are our favorite fine-dining restaurants.


No one can deny this is the most celebrated restaurant in Chicago. Grant Achatz, the chef behind this innovative kitchen, keeps you guessing from start to finish. In the chef's own words, the 20-ish course menu is not only delicious but also fun, emotional, and provocative.
Nothing is what it seems in Alinea, expect the unexpected. Floating food, desserts spattered on your table, and much more. Experimentation and a scientific approach characterize Alinea's cuisine, now well established in their new location, Alinea is as current as ever before.


Chef Lee Wolen presents an iconic take on modern American cuisine at Lincoln Park. Since 2003, the restaurant has earned its place of one of the city's finest with a carefully planned menu based on the seasons.
Elaborate dishes like the whole roasted Dry aged duck are as impressive as smaller plates including ricotta dumplings or slow roasted carrots.
The multi-course tasting menu is widely recommended to understand the team's philosophy and take on modern comfort food.
The furniture, dishware and overall ambiance are modern, yet timeless. Playful hints, both on the walls and the plates make a memorable experience without losing what's most important, a chance to enjoy good times with friends.


Oriole is straightforward. A nicely lit basement works is an inspiring dining room with an open kitchen; everything is on sight. Chef and owner Noah Sandoval offers a single tasting menu focused entirely on the diner's experience.
Two Michelin stars and five diamonds barely do justice for what goes on in this kitchen. The wine list is as impressive as the menu, and service is as good as it gets.
Experience Alaskan king crab, osetra caviar, uni and wagyu beef; the best ingredients in the world, shaped with the softest touch, and displayed as an art form. Oriole is an experience of a lifetime.


A relative newcomer, Acadia has been opened since 2011. It took merely a few months to be recognized as one of the best restaurants in the country, now with two Michelin stars.
Chef Ryan McCaskey sources its ingredients from the Deer Isle area. Layering flavors with contemporary techniques is Chef McCaskey's bet. His ten-course tasting experience focuses strongly on Penobscot bay's produce including some of the best lobster and scallops in the country.
The bar menu is an experience in itself, and the cocktail list reflects the chef's creativity.


"Bold, bright and beautiful” is the mantra behind Chef Jimmy Papadopoulos creation. An Artistic American themed dining room and menu are filled with nostalgia and wit. The elegantly presented food is strangely familiar, yet incredibly innovative.
Venison tartar, wild Burgundy snails, Veal sweetbreads, Wild arctic char or Lamb loin, these innovative dishes are so meticulous and intensely flavored they're hard to forget. The signature oyster pie topped with golden Kaluga caviar is above all others. Bellemore is at another level.