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5 Most Family Friendly Restaurants

When dining out as a family there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. There are certain factors that must be fulfilled if you’re going to take toddlers to dinner there. Many restaurants and fast food chains in the U.S construct their building keeping their customers in mind. Many family restaurants make a kid’s play area to engage all the kids coming in with their families. Restaurants that have families visiting them also incorporate ramps, lifts and loos on the ground floor to accommodate the elderly. It is important to note that this list includes sit down restaurants. Here are top 5 family friendly restaurants in US:

Cracker Barrel Old County Store

Cracker Barrel is a restaurant with a southern themed outlook. The restaurant has a traditional southwestern food. Each of the restaurant has wide porch with wooden rocking chairs and solitaire game for every table. The entire décor of the restaurant is very suburban. Cracker Barrel has been actively supporting charitable causes, donations and philanthropic ventures. The company has also introduced a non-discriminatory policy specifically towards LGBT community. Cracker Barrel regularly partners with local artists to perform at their restaurant.

A&W Restaurants

A&W Restaurants are characterized by root beer and burgers. The company got famous because of their strategy of chilled mugs. The mugs would be kept in the refrigerator and then the beer would be served in them. These restaurants are known for amazing hamburgers, hotdogs and crispy French fries. A&W is so well received in America that they opened a concept store in 2013 where the burgers are made with fresh beef and the customers can decide the toppings of their choice.

Bob Evan's Restaurants

The Bob Evan’s restaurants have over 500 branches in 18 states. These restaurants have a very warm, country like vibe. They sell breakfast from morning till evening. Most of the branches sell baked snack items. The restaurant started out as a sausage selling business but after a great demand of the taste sold by Bob Evans they branched into restaurants.

Big Boy Restaurants

The Big Boy Restaurants started off as Bob’s Pantry. The Big Boy Restaurants wre mostly famous for their hamburgers. The said hamburger started when customers wanted something different and Bob Wien improvised and came up with a hamburger that was ridiculously huge. In desserts Big Boy was famous for its strawberry pie and hot fudge ice-cream cake.

Dave & Buster's

Dave and Buster’s is great for some joint family fun as they have both a restaurant and a video arcade attached. The Dave & Buster’s menu has a great number of items including pastas, steaks, burgers, seafood, chicken and a wide variety of desserts. Another good thing about Dave and Buster’s is that they keep updating their menu. Some branches also have a weekly Sunday buffet. Their game section offers some amazing simulation games for both kids and adults alike.
There are numerous family restaurants in USA but one has to pick the top five it would be the above mentioned ones.