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Our Favorite Restaurants in the City of Angels

From the hills to the valley, from the skyline to the beaches, Los Angeles shows it best during sunset. It's time for dinner, and the City of Angels has endless, exciting offerings.
The multicultural city is well known for its thriving food scene, its authentic ethnic cuisine, and it's iconic fine-dining restaurants. These are our darling high-end restaurants in the urban jungle of LA.


We've all seen Chef Niki Nakayama on Netflix Chef's Table series; the fame hasn't slowed the chef's ambitions a bit. N/Naka specializes in Japanese kaiseki cuisine; Niki decides what to serve you.
The multi-course dinner in N/Naka focuses on seasonal ingredients and displays great skill and expertise. It's not only the beautiful presentation of the dishes or their precise flavors, but the sequence they're served in, everything is carefully considered.
Niki's spaghettini with abalone shows you this is not your average Japanese restaurant, and her signature sea urchin is not to be missed.


The modern American seafood restaurant everyone's talking about. Chef Michael Cimarusti sources the finest ingredients making sure they fit his rigorous sustainability policies. With two Michelin stars, Providence has earned countless awards and distinctions.
Wild caught yellowtail, black cod, Santa Barbara prawns and fresh oysters are the stars on the dinner menu, but there's also A5 wagyu beef for the red meat lovers. High ceiling and wide spaces between the tables make a perfect stage for the meticulously plated works of art.
An open kitchen lets you see the real stars in action, and service works like a clock.


This Italian eatery might look laid back casual, but the food is on another level. The Beast is an industrial-inspired, raw space that makes a statement. Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis, both born in the LA, created this true husband and wife restaurant focused on “from scratch” multiregional Italian restaurant.
Pizzas and pasta are made traditionally, and pastries are a specialty. This restaurant has loyal customers and has created a real community around it. The media has awarded this place accordingly.


A Scandinavian restaurant in Los Angeles. That's how diverse the food scene is in LA. The Swedish chef Christer Larsson opened this restaurant with his son after a long, exciting career. Nordic cooking traditions and local ingredients become something unseen.
Gravlax, cod, pate, lamb or tuna; many ingredients are smoked, marinated or wood grilled. The dishes might be hard to pronounce, but the taste is strangely familiar. There's quality all around, and there's no shyness in the father and son cooking — an extraordinary Scandinavian experience right on Melrose Ave.

Pizzeria Mozza

Owned and managed by the famous Nancy Silverton, this is hands down one of the best pizzerias in the country. The famous crust developed after years of experimentation is as close as you can get to perfection.
The famous California pizza style that sources seasonal, local ingredients is the perfect way to portray a different side of the Italian classic. Committed to sustainability and the finest, artisanal ingredients, quality is unmatched.
The Bianca, white pizza is a signature dish, the Primavera pizza, with English peas is our favorite. Antipasti, salads and many other exquisite dishes round up the menu, and the authentic feel of innovation is always present.
LA has much to offer for those who dare to explore the heavenly food culture of the City of Angels. What are your favorite restaurants in town?