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Miami's hottest restaurants

Miami's lovely weather and year-round tourism make it a hotbed for amazing restaurants. A multicultural heritage makes Vice City a hotpot of multicultural food and drinks. Nightlife in Miami is legendary, but its dining scene is not far behind.
There are dozens of amazing options to eat, both for casual weekday enjoyment, and special celebrations. These are our favorite restaurants in the Magic City of Miami.

Los Fuegos

Francis Mallmann, the Argentinian chef who dedicated years to master the art of cooking with fire opened Los Fuegos restaurant inside the Faena Hotel on Miami Beach.
The grillmaster brings all his charcoal cooking techniques to an elegant red-hued dining room with golden details and under an impressive chandelier.
There's plenty of non-meat options in the menu, but beef is definitely the star of the show. Try the 48 oz Hanging Tomahawk or the cast iron tiger prawns, the fire inspired menu has something for everyone.

La Mar

Gastón Acurio, one of the most celebrated Peruvian chefs alive, opened La Mar, a beautiful dining room inside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Authentic Peruvian cuisine that includes enticing ceviches and anticucho skewers, but also modern fusion dishes make the menu a work of art.
The Mexican-inspired Pork belly in mole Nikkei, a bowl of comforting seafood rice or a classic ceviche with Leche de Tigre, everything is incredibly fresh and intensely flavored. For the finest experience, try the multi-course tasting menu for $85.


An Indian kitchen that fills Miami with exotic aromas of spices and curry. Ghee means pure, and it's also the name of the unctuous clarified butter that flavors the elaborate dishes Chef Niven Patel design daily for you. Most of the ingredients come from the restaurant-owned farm and the rest from local farmers and fishermen.
The space is ample and comfortable, with an edgy design and slick wooden furniture. Many, lesser-known traditional Indian dishes complement a wide selection of curry dishes and Basmati rice. There are lots of vegetarian and vegan options too.


The awarded Chef Bradley Kilgore created a modern American restaurant that focuses on sustainable farming of Florida ingredients. At the chef's counter, you can enjoy a 5 or 7-course menu that go from scallops to duck, from wagyu beef to arctic char.
Don't be fooled by the raw, industrial design, food presentations are at a Michelin level, and the attention to details is outstanding. The bar menu is uncomplicated but worthy, especially paired with a craft house cocktail. The menu changes often, but the quality is always at its best.


Miami has its fair share of Japanese-inspired restaurants. Hiden, based on the small secret eateries in Japan, offers a seasonal menu based on the prettiest local ingredients and Japanese imports.
Only eight people at a time can enjoy the multi-course menu, omakase style, prepared at the moment with the most ritualistic techniques. The best produce available in expert hands. Book in advance, it's hard to find a spot at Hiden.