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5 Restaurants in Mexico City to know and love

Mexico City is vibrant and fast-paced. One of the largest cities in the world, Mexico’s capital city offers a spectacular food scene. Its street food is mythical, but their high-end restaurants are at the same level as any in the US and Europe. Whether you're looking for a traditional Mexican dinner or a classic French culinary experience, Mexico City has you covered. These are five great restaurants to visit in the City of Palaces.

Hacienda de Los Morales

This colonial hacienda has been re-purposed to become a renowned high-end Mexican restaurant that exemplifies greatness in all senses. The five-diamond, five-star restaurant hosts some of the most prestigious social events in their six private halls. The old-style main restaurant appears to be suspended in time, in a time when dining was all about grandeur.
The food is Mexican inspired, but with an international scope. Chateaubriand with bearnaise sauce or steak with hibiscus sauce, it’s all grand. Enjoy the best of Mexican cuisine, high-end beef or French-inspired classics, all in a most memorable environment with top-notch service.

Antigua Hacienda de Tlalpan:

This majestic building was built in 1837, its beautiful gardens and ponds make this place a paradisiac escape from the buzzing megalopolis. Its halls and gardens host impressive social events every weekend, and its main restaurant is a typical meeting place for Mexico City’s high society.
The menu is extensive and can be overwhelming. Twelve types of soups and broths open the way to creative, yet traditional dishes based on seafood, white and red meat. Try the mole and the stuffed chile. Their grilled Tasqueña style beef steak is iconic and never disappointing. As in Hacienda Los Morales, formality is the norm. Expect exceptional service and good wine. Dress for the occasion and be prepared to pay accordingly.

Maximo Bistrot:

Roma neighborhood hosts plenty iconic restaurants. The rebel bistro not to miss is Maximo Bistrot. All local, fresh, seasonal ingredients. The menu changes daily, and this is not an easy feat.
Chef Eduardo García, who worked with the internationally acclaimed Enrique Olvera, and his talented team prepare contemporary food passionately with French techniques, Mexican ingredients, and an international scope. They consider even the smallest details to create a unique dining experience.
The small eatery has a modern feel but it's still humble. Maximo Bistrot won’t sit in the shadows for long; this is one of the best restaurants in Mexico.


For many, the best restaurant in Mexico City and the country. Today it holds the 20th spot in The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants list. Pioneer in contemporary Mexican food, Chef Enrique Olvera rose Mexican food from its traditional model to the highest culinary standards.
Some signature dishes include baby corn with ant mayonnaise and the solera aged mole sauce. Its new location allows Chef Enrique to fulfill his most ambitious concoctions, and a new bar offers a side menu inspired in Mexican street food. Book in advance, Pujol receives eager visitors from all over the world.


Loretta Chic Bistrot is the offspring of Chef Abel Hernandez and Sommelier Laura Santander. Nestled in south Mexico City, this restaurant is inspired in the French countryside and the rolling Tuscan hills. The modern bistro offers a Mediterranean menu in a current, comfortable scenario.
Service is warm and personal, and each dish is as beautiful as it's enticing. Try the grilled octopus or the sweet potato agnolotti with jocoque. The wine selection is carefully cured into a delightful collection.