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Top 6 Michelin Three Star Restaurants You Cannot Afford to Miss Out On!

Michelin brothers are known for their tire company in France which has been ruling the tire industry for more than a century now. However, tires are not the only reason behind the fame of the Michelin Company; it is also their travel guide which makes them stand out. They launched their travel guide in 1900 which served as a handbook for people who like to travel including things like: trip ideas, short break places, restaurants to visit on your way. In 1926, they initiated the award system and started giving star ratings to restaurants. The system used for the above mentioned purpose is completely anonymous, the details of the process sometimes even sound like a detective investigation story. Michelin sends their reviewers who are also known as inspectors to different restaurants, people hired for this job are truly passionate about food and have the eye of a hawk when it served the cuisine. They also tend to have a great memory as after visiting restaurants, they all combine, discuss, analyze and then finalize a list of restaurants which were to be given Michelin stars. It is up to them to rate the restaurants as one, two, and three star restaurants, based on the quality of food alone.
The focus of this article will be on the Michelin three star restaurants in a number of countries to give you an idea of exactly what constitutes in the restaurants which are able to achieve that benchmark. Although, before moving on with the list, it is significant to know that for chefs working in countries where Michelin Guide is available, even being awarded with one star is a moment of pride, the ratings divided as one, two and three are all there to praise the work of chef. Precisely speaking, one star is awarded to restaurants which are best in their specific category, two star is for restaurants for excellent cuisine in a unique way, a must go if you pass by, while three stars are awarded to restaurants which are not just a stop but should be the destination itself as it offers perfect cuisine with outstanding quality. Now let’s take a look at the list of top six Michelin three star restaurants:

1. Pierre Gagnaire:

This restaurant located in Paris can surprise you in ways you wouldn’t even imagine. A cuisine might not be the fanciest word to describe the menu that is offered here, or one should say the variety of menus. From à la carte menu, to lunch tasting menu to black truffle menu, Pierre offers everything and anything. Just at the beginning of your experience, you will be offered six-seven small dishes, that too only to wait for a whole other lot to come. The three star restaurants are generally considered a bit pricey and elite but it’s definitely worth a shot, after all, we all need to try these things in the only lifetime that we have don’t we?

2. Chef's table:

One of the utterly amazing things about Brooklyn Fare is considered to be Chef’s Table restaurant. Located in the New York City, Chef’s Table offers you a unique dine in experience. While you go through the tasting menu, you should keep in mind that this restaurant believes in change and so the dishes are replaced as per the demand of the season, which at the end tells you that you need to visit this place in every season or you will miss out. The fusion of Japanese cuisine and French techniques is the key reason why the food is simply out of the world. We all know that Michelin only award stars on the basis of food quality and culinary techniques, and not on the basis of the environment and architecture, it is the food that needs to be aesthetically pleasing and that is exactly what Chef’s table at Brooklyn Fare offers top all its customers.

3. Le Pré Catelan:

When on a tour to Paris, one cannot miss out on this restaurant which might fulfill your dream about having a dinner underneath the chestnut trees on a terrace overlooking at the beauty of nature. Well, this might not exactly be your dream but this is exactly what this amazing restaurant offers, and after having imagery in mind, it sure becomes a dream that needs to be fulfilled. If à la carte doesn’t fit in your budget, it will still not stop you from enjoying your time at Le Pré Catelan; thanks to the truly blessing in the form of lunch tasting menu which offers everything from crab salad to cod wrapped in seaweed and many more, including the mouth watering chestnut ice-cream.

4. Eleven Madison Park:

Located in the heart of New York City, the restaurant is a must go. As evident by its name, it provides you with a look at nature while you dine in, ranging from the beautiful Madison Square Park, to the parks in Manhattan, Eleven Madison has it all. Open seven days of a week with fixed timings for lunch and dinner, the restaurant offers all types of food. The main dining room that offers an eight-nine dishes course is not the only thing to cherish; guests are also welcomed at the bar to have some light snacks or tasting menus and obviously for a glass of wine or your favorite cocktails. You can always visit their website to make reservations.

5. Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester:

Named after the French chef who owns the restaurant itself, it is the best that you can get in London. The chef believes in a philosophy which has led to his success which goes like: "Overcome outside objectives as well as my own limitations in order to move forward." It is true that without a set goal and aim, one can never achieve anything and that is the reason why Alain Ducasse’s restaurants are always on the top of the list, you don’t have to think twice before visiting a restaurant whose owner is crystal clear about his ambition; he will serve you the best. Some of the best qualities that you will surely experience while you visit this restaurant may include: refined cuisine, an eye for detail, phenomenal surrounding and contemporary harmony. The executive chef’s approach towards the menu is comparatively modern and so you will for sure enjoy the seasonal dishes which changes and gets enhanced every time.

6. Gordon Ramsay:

With the help of both, classic and modern techniques, a French cuisine is prepared in the kitchen of Gordon Ramsay with fresh seasoned ingredients especially for you. Quality matters and that is what this restaurant guarantees. Your dining experience is the first priority of their team and so the team uses all its wisdom and knowledge in making your dinner worthy of praise. One of the reasons why this restaurant is a personal favorite is the inspiration table, this might be a bias but you can experience it and decide for yourself. The concept of an inspiration table itself is creative enough to intrigue the customers. this private table of yours is filled with the unique and exciting newly introduced dishes for you to have a different experience which you will remember for the rest of your lives, that is a given. It’s not just the cuisine that is offered, it is also the opportunity to have an insight about what you are eating and to have a base line experience of how cooking is a science and art at the same time, combining ingredients in a way that is truly remarkable. The setting for maximum four people on this inspiration table will stand by its name and will for sure inspire you so don’t even think of missing out on this while visiting Gordon Ramsay Restaurant.
The list can go on and include a whole new bunch of Michelin three star restaurant but the idea was to give you an insight on how something as basic as eating food can be turned into an experience which can also be considered as a luxury. Like every other thing in this world, there are critiques of the Michelin star awarding system as well but the point to ponder upon is that does it really matter? We all know the worth of Michelin stars and how chefs use all their energy in gaining and retaining them. It is often said that when a restaurant is reverted from this award, the chef feels miserable which only emphasizes on the significance of this system. Moreover, what else can be better than getting a free guide which includes restaurants that will make your trip even more memorable? Journeys are a once in a lifetime experience and when you are already spending so much capital on your tour, might as well use some extra bucks to have an unforgettable meal over lunch and dinner? We hope that this article will help you in deciding which restaurants will be your destination in the upcoming blossoming days of your lives!