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Top Ten Restaurant Chains That You Will Love!

Finding restaurants that match your taste is for most people a huge challenge. This is not just because of the quality of food but also as a result of various other factors which influence the overall performance of any restaurant. When it comes to chain restaurants, especially those which have already expanded to a large extent, they face a lot more issues than just any casual restaurant. We need to admit; sometimes we are very harsh on them, demanding everything and anything that comes to mind. The biggest issue associated with them is the lack of creativity; people want something new and innovative every time they visit the same restaurant and this is comparatively harder with chain restaurants. However, this same negative point proves to be the reason of success behind these absolutely amazing and high end chain restaurants. When you are out of town and crave for the food of your choice, these restaurants are your only way to go as only they are able to guarantee the same quality and taste. Sometimes you need the same food that you and your taste buds are familiar with and can always have another one. For people of all tastes and cultures, here is a list of the top ten restaurant chains that will never disappoint you in taste, class and everything that one can think of:

1. Texas Roadhouse:

If you are a non-vegetarian who lives in United States, this place is definitely your second home. This steak house which has around 450 locations nationwide offers you a combination of services which cannot be regarded as anything but perfect. You surely want to try every beef item that is on the menu because if not, you will miss out. The restaurant is known for the fact that steaks are cut by hand and the freshness of baked breads as each branch hires a butcher and a baker. However, the quality of food is not the only reason, the friendly services, the environment (read welcoming music) and above all the dining experience is what makes it worth being on your all time favorite list. Cactus Blossom can be claimed as the highlight of your dinner, what exactly is in that is what you have to discover yourself once you visit this amazing restaurant, which is if you haven’t already!

2. Olive Garden:

Italian food has travelled nations and crossed boundaries in several ways; one can say that Olive Garden is just a way of doing the same. Serving the Italian food through almost 840 chains of restaurant worldwide, they sure know how to get settled and earn profit. The statistics itself are enough to show how successful they are due to the fact that restaurants cannot gain fame until they are loved by people. One of the unique things about Olive Garden is the aroma of food that you can sense the moment you enter. This might not sound extraordinary but while you are in this restaurant you know for sure that something delicious is being cooked and that feel can only be experienced once you admire it. The slogan of this chain is also a way which shows how welcoming they are, it goes like: “We’re all family here”.

3. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store:

Southern cuisine has been on the list of people’s food choices for quite a while now and that is exactly what Cracker Barrel is best at offering. The amount of dishes on the menu that can be regarded as a must try can require a whole new blog. This was not an exaggeration; this restaurant chain surely knows its way of inviting their customers yet again to try out something different and something which is their all time favorite. The uniqueness of this chain is evident by its name; it offers you dining and shopping at the same time. You can enjoy your meal in peace and afterwards visit the old country store to set your eyes upon an amazing range of gift items. Some of the dishes that you for sure do not want to miss out on can be listed as: meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, pork chops and trout.

4. Denny's:

Offering the best American food one can ask for, Denny’s gives you a complete package; from appetizers to the sweet dish, you do not have to worry about anything once you’ve entered this restaurant. The huge cheeseburger might not leave space for other mouth-watering dishes and so it is extremely significant to keep in mind exactly what you want before ordering. Without a doubt, you should not even think of leaving this place without ordering the warm chocolate lava cake. Another thing on the menu which can leave you in awe are the piping-hot fries, you might think that fries are just another ordinary thing which you can easily get anywhere and anytime, but trust me on this, these fries will leave a taste which you will try to find everywhere. The chain also offers a more personalized feel and a comforting environment which is why you always want to come again.

5. Cheesecake Factory:

This one might sound odd in the series of chain restaurants that have been mentioned above but one cannot complete the list without mentioning it. Spread all around United States, Cheesecake Factory is known for the services that it provides. As opposed to its name, the menu is obviously not restricted to just cheesecakes or even deserts, it offers a variety of dishes which include small snacks, salads, lunch items, sandwiches and much more for you to explore, and off course a variety of cheesecakes and desert items which you will cherish. The restaurant is known for its quality of service, taste, and friendly environment.

6. Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen:

As the name suggests, the restaurant believes in making meals for scratch for every order. This unique way of telling people about their aim through the name of their restaurant shows the amount of creativity and thinking that the staff there goes through on a daily basis. With their Headquarters in Texas, this chain has around 170 locations in a number of states. The traditional American cooking also provides their customers with healthier options without compromising the taste, if that is what you are looking for. Food quality, great environment and best services is what is guaranteed the moment you step in.

7. Bonefish Grill:

Seafood is not just healthy but it also promises a taste which one can always look forward to. It seems as if people at Bonefish Grill work for this statement only; to provide you the best quality and tasty seafood. One of the specialties of this chain is known to be the “Bang Bang Shrimp” on the menu which is a must try. All the 210 locations of this amazing restaurant will make you re-think your stereotypes and set ides about chain restaurants by its utterly mesmerizing ways, along with the inviting environment and the best dining experience.

8. Maggiano's:

The second Italian restaurant on our list might not have as many locations as mentioned above. However, the 42 restaurants guarantee an experience that would mean more to you than just an ordinary dinner. It is not always about how good the food is, it is also about how great the atmosphere is, Maggiano’s excel in both. Offering the best dishes like gluten-free pasta and baked zeti, it also makes sure that your dining experience was worth remembering with all the aesthetic feels that a restaurant can offer. After all, it is the memories of a place that pulls you back and forces you to revisit every time you plan on having a good time with your family and friends.

9. Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen:

Being the largest family owned restaurant chain in America; it comes with its own set of advantages which eventually results in providing quality to its customers. The passion that it possesses for seafood is what makes the dishes great, following the idea of providing customers with fresh seafood. The environment is welcoming and warm for family and friends gathering which is always a plus point. Their love for seafood is evident by the variety of dishes available on the menu.

10. Bahama Breeze Island grille:

The last and the smallest chain on the list with around 37 locations in America offers the Caribbean inspired fare and numerous amounts of cocktails to go with the main course. The restaurant chain comes under the same company which also owns Olive Garden. Bahama Breeze is known for its customer service, quality of food, lively atmosphere and deals which can bring smile on anyone’s face. Ranging from Jamaican jerk chicken to conch fritters, it has it all.
We hope that this list will help you in identifying some of the best chain restaurants that match your taste and fulfill your criteria. It is always good to have a list from which you can try, experiment and find out what works best for you!